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HotDoodle secure hosting

Secure Hosting

Get secure, world-class hosting managed by HotDoodle. Enjoy the convenience of web design and hosting support all in one place.

  • Multiple servers with automated backups so your website is safe from unexpected catastrophes.
  • Multi-layered hacker protection software keeps your website safe from malware and spam.
HotDoodle unlimited pages

Unlimited Pages

You can have an unlimited number of pages (also known as tabs) on your website.

  • Create a brand new page, copy an existing one as a template, or even link to another website.
  • Easily add pages without technical skills using HotDoodle's website editor, or hire HotDoodle to add new pages for you.
HotDoodle email


Keep things professional with personalized email addresses, such as

Access emails directly through your website, or use your favorite email client such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, and Gmail.

HotDoodle hacker protection

Hacker Protection

Great website hosting is pointless if your website doesn't have hacker protection. Most web designers aren't online security experts, which leaves their clients' websites vulnerable to malware, spam, and identity theft.

  • HotDoodle's hacker protection mechanisms are built into each of our websites.
  • Website security is constantly monitored and routinely updated.
  • Threats are automatically detected and blocked.

Multimedia Website Features

HotDoodle Videos


Stream videos on your website, whether from YouTube or uploaded from your computer.

  • Embedded directly onto your website.
  • Supports YouTube, Vimeo, and other popular video services.
  • Supports MP4 files.
HotDoodle MP3 Audio Player

MP3 Audio Player

Stream audio on your website, whether from popular music services or uploaded from your computer.

  • Supports MP3 and WAV files.
  • Supports SoundCloud and other embeddable audio players.
HotDoodle MP3 Audio Player

PDF and File Downloads

Store files such as PDFs and Word Documents online, and let visitors download them directly from your website.

  • Upload directly from your hard drive.
  • No FTP required.
HotDoodle slideshows

Picture Slideshows

Give your website a crisp, professional look with a fading slideshow banner. It's a great way to showcase latest products and services, a tour of your business, or a gallery of your portfolio.

  • Mobile compatible (doesn't use Flash).
  • Easily customize image size and transition time.
  • Add optional captions to each picture.
  • Preview thumbnails let visitors click to enlarge.
HotDoodle Google Map

Google Map

Embed a map of your location directly within the website, so visitors can easily find your business and print out directions.

HotDoodle Calendar


Share upcoming events in different display styles such as a weekly, monthly, or list view. Create one-time and recurring events.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation Website Features

Lead Generation Website Features

Contact Forms

Capture visitor contact information by allowing them to request a consultation, signup for an event, or send a message directly through your website.

  • Collect name, phone, email, and more
  • Receive email notifications upon submission
  • Customize text, calendar, radio button, and checkbox fields
  • Visitors can upload and submit a file
HotDoodle social media

Social Media

Connect with visitors through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Add an icon for your Facebook page, or embed the widget to your website. Let visitors share your website on their newsfeed.

HotDoodle SEO

Search Engine Optimization

Get found on top pages of search engines through on-page and off-page optimization.

  • SEO friendly keywords, page titles, and website description metatags.
  • Automatically Updated Site Map.
  • Have a HotDoodle SEO specialist write blog posts, website content, and add backlinks to increase your website's ranking and authority.
HotDoodle Newsletter


Broadcast a blog post, weekly tip, or general announcement to all of your subscribers with the click of a button. Engage your visitors with a personalized newsletter to keep them coming back!

  • Collect email addresses directly through your website.
  • Mass email with one click.
  • Personalize by auto-inserting the subscriber's name in the email.
  • Customize with links, pictures, and graphics

Marketing Website Features

HotDoodle sticky landing pages

Sticky Landing Pages

HotDoodle's Sticky Landing Pages allow you to automatically set your landing page as the homepage if ever visited. This way, your marketing material remains on the home page even the visitor navigates to another page and returns to the home page again. This is a great way to market different products or services under a single website.

HotDoodle domains


You are able to register a brand new domain name or use your existing domain name for your HotDoodle website. You can pick a number of names that best suit your business, such as or To increase your reach, you can register two or more domain names, and have them point to different landing pages for marketing purposes.

HotDoodle Google Analytics integration

Google Analytics Integration

Link to Google Analytics for additional statistics on website traffic, such as device type and time spent per page.

HotDoodle Traffic Logs

Traffic Logs

See how many people visited your website, how they found you, and what pages they visited. Increase conversions by understanding what content is most popular.

  • Track visits per day/week/month.
  • Track visitors by IP address, search terms, and search engine.
  • Trace the exact sequence in which pages were visited.

E-Commerce Website Features

Shopping Cart

Sell your products online! Let visitors assemble items in a shopping cart and checkout with a Credit Card or PayPal. Optionally offer special pricing for authorized vendors.

  • Accept Credit Cards and PayPal
  • Easily Edit/Add Products Yourself
  • Create Custom Coupon Codes
  • Automatic Shipping Calculator supports FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL.
  • Let visitors create an account to receive product updates and coupons
Shipping Calculator

Create shipping options using formulas based on weight, number of items, order total, or a combination of all three. Or use standard formulas provided by FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL.

  • Supports FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL shipping options.
  • Provide multiple shipping options to your visitors.
  • Restrict the eligibility of a shipping option by weight, number of item, order total, or shipping location.
Coupon Codes

Offer discounts, free shipping, and seasonal promotions with HotDoodle's Coupon Creator.

  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offers
  • Free Shipping
  • Percentage or Flat Rate Off Entire Order
  • Set Promotion Start and End Dates
Product Filter

Offer an easy tool to manage a large amount of products by price range or any filters of your choice.

  • Price Filter
  • Brand Name Filter
  • Color Filter
  • Size Filter

Community Website Features

Blogs & Articles

Keep visitors up to date about your business or organization! Routinely adding fresh content also helps boost your website's search engine ranking.

  • Post news, announcements, tips, and links right on your website.
  • Automatically email your posts to subscribers
  • Let registered users comment to continue the discussion
  • Keeping website content fresh can boost search engine rankings
Discussion Forums

Engage visitors in a discussion about your products, services, or current events.

  • Users can post new topics and reply.
  • Receive automatic email alerts when someone replies.
  • Appoint group administrators to moderate discussions.
Member Pages

Give registered users a personal profile page for him or her to customize! Can also be used as a Client page for collaborative work such as file storage and discussions (see 'Client Pages')

  • Great for groups, organizations, and sports teams.
  • Members can upload their own pictures, videos, and files for others to view and comment.
Private Pages

Selectively grant permission to view or edit specific content or entire pages on your website based on a user's permission level.

  • Allow different levels of access based on a user's permission level.
  • Restrict entire pages or specific portions.
  • Offer special access to paid subscribers.
  • Easily collaborate with committee members, vendors, or clients

Offer your website in multiple languages. Impress your customers with accurate translations.

  • Accurate translations provided by you or HotDoodle.
  • Select a country flag to automatically change the language.
  • Applies to text, graphics, and buttons.
  • Does not increase website page count.
User Registration

Let visitors make an account on your website. Grow your community by giving users the opportunity to sign up for newsletters, access additional content, post comments in blogs and forums, and create a member profile page.

  • Each user gets a login username and password.
  • Easily manage all users, and organize them in groups.
  • Give registered users access to exclusive pages, newsletters, or products.
  • Registration can be free, by approval only, or require a membership fee., HotDoodle™ Custom Web Design and Quality Affordable Website Designers for Small Businesses and Professionals
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